Our Story

 We, the founders of HCKY365, grew up playing hockey. In ice rinks, on frozen ponds, on the streets outside our houses. We played in leagues, but we also spent endless hours playing pick-up games for fun. We made friends through hockey and were welcomed into a community of people brought together by the sport.


We have followed our favourite teams since we can remember. Like so many other fans across North America, we have had countless idols over the years. But we always wanted more from our idols- an expression of who they were off the ice. When we compared hockey culture to other major sports (basketball, football), we felt the absence of hockey expression outside the rink. Hockey culture is still very much an old man’s club. With traditional suits worn to every game, scripted and serious post-game interviews, and little off-ice presence from players. We want people to be able to rep hockey apparel in daily life that still expresses their own personality.


The hockey community today does not reflect the raw passion that so many of us, as fans and fellow players, have for the game. For us, hockey is more than a sport. It is a passion, a community, a lifestyle.


Our vision for HCKY 365 is to create a brand that encourages a cultural shift in our sport; Where everyone can express their love of hockey off the ice through apparel. HCKY365 is not like other hockey lifestyle clothing companies. We represent the modern hockey fan. Where players can be more human and relatable to fans and other aspiring players. Where the community that this game sparks can continue to grow when we recognize each other outside the rink in hockey apparel.


Because hockey does not only exist on the ice. Our love of the game continues off the ice, in our daily lives. Not just during hockey season, but always. 365 days a year. For us, it’s HCKY 365.