Current State of Hockey

Hockey currently sits around 5th in popularity in North America. The game of hockey doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It falls behind sports like basketball, soccer, football, and baseball. But why? Hockey is the fastest to watch, it features physical contact, action, fighting, skill, speed. Hockey is a huge part of the Canadian culture but is falling being in the United States. Why?

Hockey has fallen behind in today culture. While other sports have adapted to the changes in society hockey has stayed the same. Hockey culture is still very much an old man’s club. With traditional suits worn to every game, scripted and serious post-game interviews, and little off-ice presence from players. We want people to be able to rep hockey apparel in daily life that still expresses their own personality. The hockey community today does not reflect the raw passion that so many of us, as fan. We see NFL player, NBA players active on social media, wearing fashion-forward clothing, staying relevant in politics. This allows them to reach and connect with their fan in another level. It allows people to connect with players as people.

This is the problem HCKY365 is trying to solve. Our vision for HCKY 365 is to create a brand that encourages a cultural shift in our sport; Where everyone can express their love of hockey off the ice through apparel. HCKY365 is not like other hockey apparel stores. We represent the modern hockey fan. Where players can be more human and relatable to fans and other aspiring players. Where the community that this game sparks can continue to grow when we recognize each other outside the rink in hockey apparel. Other hockey apparel stores continue to sell the same boring, plain, bland designs. Hockey is changing and HCKY365 is changing with it.

HCKY365 Hockey apparel store

The HCKY365 Hockey apparel store feature new, fashionable, modern designs. These designs allow you to make a statement and show that hockey players don’t have to be boring. It is time for hockey to change and show the world why hockey is the most exciting game in the world.

We, the founders of HCKY365, grew up playing hockey. In ice rinks, on frozen ponds, on the streets outside our houses. we made friends through hockey and were welcomed into a community of people brought together by the sport. Yet though all the good things that came from hockey we knew that hockey needs to change. Our Hockey apparel store is part of this change. Allowing hockey fans to be show their own personalities, and show they are part of our changing society. Because hockey does not only exist on the ice. Our world is changing and its time for hockey to change as well. Welcome to HCKY365. Where our love of the game continues off the ice, in our daily lives. Not just during hockey season, but always. 365 days a year. For us, it’s HCKY 365.