A message from the founder of HCKY365:

Everyone is different. That being said, where you are from has a major impact on the person you become. The people who raise you, the people you interact with, the events you witness and experience. Although many of these experiences differ from person to person there are definitely similarities based on where you grow up. The culture of the place you are from. Me, I am from Canada. There are a few things that most, if not all Canadians is exposed to. If you are from Canada or have ever been to Canada, then you know the importance of hockey. The culture of Canada is so closely tied to the game of hockey. The most popular coffee shop in Canada is Tim Hortons named after a Hockey player. Saturday nights can be spent by the TV watching Hockey Night in Canada.

This sense of culture is what sparked the start of HCKY365. HCKY365 is a Hockey apparel company for the modern hockey fan. A brand designed to bring a sense of community to each member of the hockey community. When you see someone wearing one of our team Canada hockey shirts, we want you to feel a connection. We want you to know that without even saying anything there is already a bond. A bond created by a shared sense of community from both being Canadian and being part of the hockey community. A bong that is expressed by wearing one of our team Canada hockey shirts.

There is something about seeing someone in a team Canada hockey shirt that gives you a sense of home. A team Canada hockey shirt gives you a common element and connection. That is why we created our Canadian hockey shirts collection. A way for people to connect to each other in their community though apparel. Wearing one of our HCKY365 Canadian hockey shirts tell the people around you that you are proud to be from Canada and proud to support the Hockey Community.

Canadian hockey shirts:

At Hcky365 we offer a collection of clothing designed for the modern hockey fan. These designs come from our roots of growing up as part of the hockey community. They feature sayings such as “Proud Canadian”, “Hockey is Canada”, Live to Play.

We want to invite everyone is be a part of the HCKY365 team. A team that does not exclude anyone. A team that welcomes each other, supports each other, and can bond over a shared belief that hockey is the greatest game not only played on ice, but the greatest game on our planet. Welcome to hcky365. A brand created for the modern hockey fan. A brand that knows that hockey is not just a game, it is a lifestyle. Our love of the game continues off the ice, in our daily lives. Not just during hockey season, but always. 365 days a year. For us, it’s HCKY 365.